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Delinquent Tuition

Payment Information

Your tuition is an obligation that must be paid. Student Financial Services is here to assist and support you during the payment process.

The first step is to become knowledgeable about what payment options are available. Even though our office will support and assist you in your efforts, it is ultimately your responsibility. Please take the initiative and contact us.

Setup Payment Plan

Your delinquent tuition balance is a serious obligation that must be paid in a timely manner. Our mission is to support you during the payment of your account. With the various partial payment agreements available, payments can be made until your account is paid in full.

Which Payment Plan is Best for You?
Please contact our office at 814-865-0461 and press three to speak with a representative

Consequences of Delinquent Tuition

If your account remains past due without payment arrangements, additional steps will be taken to collect the outstanding balance. Holds have already been placed on your University transcript and registration.

The following actions may occur if delinquent tuition remains unpaid:

  • Placement of your account with a licensed collection agency. Collection agencies may assess collection fees up to 40% of your balance.
  • Assessment of litigation and court costs.
  • Your delinquency will be reported to a national credit bureau.

Debt Resolution

Arrangements with Student Financial Services:

Student Financial Services can provide assistance to you by arranging a partial payment agreement that will allow you to make affordable monthly payments until your balance is paid in full. Holds have been placed on your transcript and registration. In order to have the holds removed, you are required to pay your delinquent tuition account balance in full.

Failure to make satisfactory arrangements with Student Financial Services in a timely manner may result in your tuition account being placed with a licensed collection agency.

Arrangements with a Collection Agency:

If your delinquent tuition balance has been placed with a licensed collection agency, payment arrangements must be made with the respective agency. You should have received a letter with the contact information of the collection agency that was selected to service your account. If you do not have the letter, please contact us.

The availability and terms of a partial payment agreement will be at the discretion of the collection agency. In order to have the transcript and registration holds removed from your account, you are required to pay your delinquent tuition account balance in full.