Loan Servicing

WE ARE. . . responsible for providing promissory notes and loan exit counseling, processing payments, deferments and cancellations, and handling billing and collection procedures for repayment of Federal Perkins and University Loans.

Delinquent Tuition

WE ARE. . . responsible for providing assistance to you with the repayment of your delinquent student account balances.


WE ARE. . . responsible for disbursing financial aid into the student's Bursar account. The majority of disbursements consist of grants, scholarships, certain military aid, and loans.


WE ARE. . . responsible for the accounting and reporting of endowments. Endowments, as defined by the University, are "gifts or bequests of money that are given for the permanent support of the University."

International Taxes

WE ARE. . . responsible for reviewing all U.S.-based financial aid awarded to international students and withholds tax as required by IRS regulations.